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Discover What You Don't Know You Don't Know about Yourself and the Universe!

Do you feel the need to deepen your awareness and connection with your inner self? Do you want to clear your mental, physical, or emotional blockages that are holding you back to unlock your highest potential? Do you want to reach crystal clarity of your life’s calling and have the motivation, energy, and vitality to realize your dreams? The only way up is in!

Choose one of the upcoming cohort journeys below and join for an 8-day/8-week journey with your crew. You can also schedule an individual session with one of our CO facilitators on the platform.

Upcoming Journeys

Mystic Path

Credits: 10

Light Portal Activation Journey in Mexico

Join us for a plant medicine journey to venture into new high-frequency spaces of healing and transformation with the Light Portal team. The journey offers an opportunity to resolve inner blockages holding you back from operating at your full potential in business and personal life. Experience the profound healing power of plant medicine ceremonies during a week of immersive retreat, including 7 weeks of online preparation and 4 weeks of post-retreat integration.
Retreat Location: A luxury resort in a jungle of Yukatan, Mexico
Time Commitment: 7w online, 1w in-person, 4w online (1h/w)
Enrolled Applicants:

Mystic Path

Credits: 10

SIBA Warrior-Healer Journey in Costa Rica

Embark on a profound Warrior-Healer Journey to let go of old patterns and experience collective healing, empowerment, and liberation. Guided by Lydia and Pancho, esteemed maestros curanderos trained in the Shipibo tradition, experience the potent fusion of Plant Medicine and Terma SIBA crystal technology during a week of immersive retreat in the jungles of Costa Rica. The journey includes 7 weeks of online preparation and 4 weeks of post-retreat integration.
Retreat Location: A retreat place in a jungle of Costa Rica
Time Commitment: 7w online, 1w in-person, 4w online (1h/w)
Enrolled Applicants:

Mystic Path

Credits: 6

Breathwork & Sound Journey in Armenia

Join for a magical weekend of a Crystal Breathwork journey, guided by experienced facilitators Narek and Anahit in Armenia. Crystal Breathwork is a gentle yet powerful energetic process using breath, movement, and sound to release physical and emotional blockages, induce deep meditative states, and receive spiritual insights. The journey includes 7 day online preparation with a crew, in-person weekend retreat, and post-retreat integration meeting.
Retreat Location: A forest retreat center in Dilijan, Armenia
Time Commitment: 1w online, 2d in-person, 1w online (1h/w)
Enrolled Applicants:

Individual Sessions Offered by CO Facilitators

The CO Facilitators offer one-on-one sessions to support and guide you with an individual approach. They are specialized in various spiritual guidance systems and healing modalities such as Human Design, astrology, tarot, Law of One cosmology, guided meditations, energetic healing, breathwork, and many others.

The standard individual session costs $180 and it lasts 1h – 1h30m. It is done online or at a location depending on availability.

You can also schedule a free 15-minute orientation meeting if you need help deciding which facilitator and system would be most supportive for you: schedule a 15-minute call.

Soul Reading

Soul readings are offered to remind the conscious self of the wisdom and guidance of the higher self. Improving the link of communication between the two aspects of self often leads to a better understanding of one’s soul purpose/soul expression.

The soul reading session offers guidance and can give you the wings to expand on your inner journey.

Frequency Alignment

The frequency alignment process helps you to access and maintain higher frequency states of being. Choosing our frequency state each moment is an inner work that has a direct impact on our everyday life, on our relationships, and tangible manifestations.

The session offers you “tools” and new perspectives that will assist you in shifting and realigning your frequency to match your original divine blueprint.

Human Design

Human Design combines ancient systems like the I Ching, astrology, Kabbalah, chakra system, and quantum physics to describe our unique personality blueprint, gifts, and purpose in life.

During a session, you will get a highly individualized framework to make decisions in alignment and live authentically. You can request individual or relationship guidance.


Breathwork is an active meditation that is done with the help of simple breathing technics to re-oxygenate the body and is guided by a facilitator. Breathwork acts as a catalyst for self-healing:

  • release physical, emotional, and energetic blocks
  • reach profound levels of clarity and inner peace,
  • open a door for inspirational inner visions.


Dreams are gateways to the soul, they are a powerful resource that can inform and inspire our personal lives as well as our creative work. There is a great number of teachings and practices from different Eastern and Western schools that deeply study dreamwork:

  • Nidra Yoga and Dream Yoga in Tibetan Dzogchen Buddhism
  • Jungian archetypes and dream analysis
  • Shamanic dreamwork
  • Lucid dreaming and astral projections induced by Hemi Sinc and other similar methods.

During the session, we will choose the system and method that are most aligned for you to explore your dream world and uncover the treasures of your subconscious.


Bodywork is a therapeutic technique or a system that involves working with the human body for physical and emotional healing and rejuvenation.

Our facilitators have received proper training in a variety of healing systems and techniques:

  • Healing massage
  • Energy healing and Reiki
  • Yoga
  • Tai chi
  • Qigong
  • Deep relaxation in a sensory deprivation tank

Your bodywork will be conducted at a dedicated place at a different location for each facilitator. A prior check of availability is necessary to confirm a booking.

The COs do not promote any particular spiritual guru, Instagram light-worker, or a 5D Unicorn DNA activator. The CO facilitators have been carefully vetted for their integrity and experience.

We come together with humility and authenticity. We share the intensity of our transformational experiences and support each other to integrate and stabilize our peak experiences. And we are committed to continually observing and keeping our egos in check.

All in Whole Alchemy

“Go on a spiritual journey with us, deeper into your own inner knowing and transmute the “vibrant red blood of matter to the gold of spirit”. The writings of All in Whole help challenge beliefs and identity attachment while expanding awareness beyond duality, beyond separation toward wholeness, toward union.

All in Whole offers the words, the lighted guideposts and Consortium of Light offers the spiritual community, the support, encouragement and love along the way. Know that you are welcome here. Come exactly as you are.” – All in Whole

Understanding the Multiverse - Universal Stages of Expression

In this video we begin the conversation on understanding the multiverse, comparing the expansive expression of matter to a rose, with each petal a different plane thus making it multidimensional.

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Mystery School

Teach/Learning and Learn/Teaching from Each Other

The COs bring together many who decide to shift themselves into higher frequencies and to open themselves up to discover and expand their innate wisdom, life’s mission, and the relationships they need for the next steps of their spiritual journey.

We are co-creating a Decentralized Mystery School for individuals and collectives at different centers across the world, who want to continuously teach/learn from each other, assuming self-responsibility and self-leadership, without a need to create a central authority figure or dogma. We are each on our unique journey united by perspective, shared purpose and love of life.

Image by Hilma af Klint