About Crystal Organizations

The Crystal Organization (CO) is a new form of collective organism of vertical movement. COs journey together as holonic groups with a shared mission and aspiration to co-create a new high frequency reality and flowering of collective consciousness.


We envision an ecosystem of organizations co-creating foundations for humanity to transition into a high frequency new paradigm of planetary thriving.


The Crystal Organizations (COs) as a whole with its member parts and as a part of a greater whole are on a co-evolutionary journey of spiritual realization and grounded manifestation of a new collective consciousness on Earth. Individuals, collectives, and organizations aligned with higher principles join COs to co-evolve and co-create with a shared culture and structure.

COs are on a experimental journey to co-create a scalable federated organizational model with a unique set of principles and processes that can be adapted by many people and collectives around the world – initiating a global systemic transformation.

Core Principles & Values​


Self – organization / responsibility / motivation / realization


Co – operation / laboration / learning / creation / evolution

H.I.G.H Frequency

Co-creating a shared reality with the qualities of:
  – H
  – Integrity,
  – Gratitude,
  – Harmony,
  – Compassion, Freedom, Abundance, Playfulness, Joy, Truth, Love, Oneness.

Continuous Transformation

Taking full responsibility for one’s own state and making continuous efforts to neutralize the ego-centered tendencies. Continuously learning, transforming and expanding into the infinite wonder and magic of life.


A conscious intention to tune and harmonize with each other, with the environment, and with the evolutionary processes of which we are a part. Spontaneous right action through resonance with our collective higher self.

Synergistic Cooperation

Openness for cooperation and collaboration with people, projects and organizations with aligned vision and mission. Actively building win-win-win (us, them and the environment) partnerships with the realization that we are all in this together and that we are all part of something greater than ourselves.


Deep listening, contemplation and practices that connect with Infinite Intelligence. Creating space for whatever needs to happen, happen. Willingness to become transparent instruments for Nature/Life/Source to flow through

Holonic Organism

Holonic organism that is both one and many, consisting of individuals that have harmonized as a collective and become one as a higher-order unity. Infinite quest towards greater wholeness and eventual Oneness.

Sun Principle

Healing and nourishing All, the joy of unconditional giving from fullness and abundance. Purity, emanation and radiation of Love.

The Seven Facets of the COs

The COs have a holistic architecture naturally balancing the practical with the magical. The different areas of CO activities and principles are represented by this Flower of Life pattern with 6+1 facets.

Below is a high-level description of each facet.

The Seven Facets of the COs

Facet 1: Spirituality

  • Being
    • Silence
    • Meditation
    • Inner Peace of the Watcher
  • Soul Mission
    • Discovering our unique blueprint within the greater whole and activating our archetypes.
    • Connecting with our Higher Self (channeling our Higher Self, working with our Magical Personality).
    • Taking responsibility to fulfill our Soul’s mission and will.
  • Multidimensionality
    • Coming into a ‘higher perspective’ and ‘expanded state of consciousness’.
    • Awakening to our multidimensional cosmic soul while living on Earth.
    • Co-creating with benevolent beings and energies (nature spirits, ETs/EDs, Infinite Intelligence).

Facet 2: Community

  • Synarchy
    Moving from command and control hierarchy to synarchy.
  • Heart-to-heart Connection
    Gathering with trust, transparency and openness to allow love to stream through us. Feedback, mirroring and mentoring each other to help the self to transform the self.
  • We: Shared Identity
    Recognition and acceptance of each other’s uniqueness and a willingness to thrive as One. Building meaningful long-term relationships.

Facet 3: Co-creation

  • Impact Entrepreneurship
    Building new companies, forming businesses, and new ways of working and living that sustain ourselves with abundance and integrity, while making a positive impact in the world.
  • Collaboration
    Synergistic collaboration. Supporting each other with our projects. Balancing of individual contributions and received benefits.
  • Creating with the Source
    Listening to the field to do what really needs to be done. Maximizing our service and positive transformational impact in the world.

Facet 4: Education

  • Non-formal Transformative Education
  • Mentorship and Coaching
  • Essential Systems and Frameworks
    • Human Design, Gene Keys, Integral Theory, Spiral Dynamics, Organizational Development, Innovative Thinking, and much more.

Facet 5: Wellbeing

  • Health and Vitality
    Choosing healthy dynamic lifestyles and holistic ways of living (sleep, nutrition, exercise, and nature time).
  • Discipline and Productivity
    Focused discipline to breakthrough from the grips of the consensus reality matrix holding us back from our primary purpose through endless mundane activities and distructions.
  • Celebration of Life
    Doing serious things playfully. Gratitude, joy, playfulness and celebration of life here and now.

Our health improves when we deeply commit to our life’s purpose. That leads to inspiration, motivation and vitality needed to follow on our mission and purpose.

Facet 6: Expansion

  • Holonic Organization
    Holonic organism that is both one and many, consisting of individuals that have harmonized as a collective and become one as a higher-order unity.
  • CO-federation
    Distributed alliance of sovereign interoperable COs and partner organizations held together by collaborative principles and aligned goals.
  • Global Scaling
    An open and scalable organizational model and a set of principles and processes that can be adapted by the larger population in many countries leading towards systemic change within a global ecosystem.

Core Facet: Universal Love

  • Unification and Oneness
  • Harmony
  • Cosmic Frequencies

The core ideal of the COs is universal unconditional love, everything we do is aspiring to it naturally. We invite the universal energy of Love to stream through us, purify our intentions and move us in the direction of Service, Truth and Harmony with All.

Chaordic Organization

Out of Control and Into Order

COs received a lot of inspiration from Chaordic Commons founded by Dee Hock: “An invitation to participate in forming a self-organizing, self-governing global community dedicated to developing, disseminating and implementing new concepts of organization that result in more equitable sharing of power and wealth, improved health, and greater compatibility with the human spirit and biosphere.”