SIBA Warrior-Healer Journey​

SIBA Warrior-Healer Journey

A Journey towards Oneself and Oneness

Embark on a profound 8-week Warrior-Healer Journey in Costa Rica, venturing together with your crew. You will be guided by Lydia and Pancho, esteemed maestros curanderos trained in the Shipibo tradition.

We will be working with the crystal technology of the Terma SIBA and activation of The Original MerKaBa during plant medicine rituals.

This is an invitation to release what is holding you back to access your full potential, reconnect with our creative power and experience collective healing, empowerment, and liberation.

The Three Phases of the Journey


7 weeks online before the retreat: Engage in online preparatory work, including one-on-one meetings and group sessions, to get to know your crew and set clear intentions with guided thematic practices.


One week in-person retreat: Dive into an immersive retreat with 6 nights stay in a magical jungle in Costa Rica, including plant medicine ceremonies, SIBA activation sessions, breathwork, and more.


4 weeks online after the retreat:  Meet online with your crew and facilitators for a post-retreat integration. Support each other, to stabilize your high-frequency peak experiences into your daily life.

Phase 1: Preparation

Online Weeks 1 to 7

During the initial seven weeks, you will be meeting with your crew online, getting to know each other, and working on your intentions. There will be guidance on how to prepare yourself physically, mentally, and emotionally for the upcoming immersive retreat of week 8.

Time Commitment:

  • 1 hour online meeting with the whole crew and the facilitators once a week.
  • 1 hour online meeting one-to-one with a paired crew member (changes each week) once a week.
  • 1 hour solo practice on a given topic once a week.

Week by Week Schedule

  • Week 1: Opening Circle and and Introduction to the Journey with Lydia and Pancho
  • Week 2: Activating the Original MerKaBa Vehicle Of Light – Part 1
  • Week 3: Online Workshop
  • Week 4: Online Workshop
  • Week 5: Online Workshop
  • Week 6: Online Workshop
  • Week 7: Preparing for the Immersive Retreat, Q&A with Lydia and Pancho

Self-study Materials

  • Thematic materials with relevant topics for individual self-study available during and after the journey.

Phase 2: Experience

Retreat Week 8

The 8th week is an immersive retreat with your crew physically gathering together at a retreat center in Costa Rica. Guided by Lydia and Pancho, we will be working with the crystal technology of the Terma SIBA and activation of The Original MerKaBa during medicine rituals. By the time you arrive to this retreat, you will have been well-prepared for this life-changing experience.

A day-to-day program will be designed according to the needs of the crew and it will include:

⭐ Accommodation for 7 nights
🍑 All meals vegetarian food
🍯 2-3 plant medicine ceremonies
🐚 Original MerKaBa activation ceremony
🪘 Music and Dance
🤸🏼‍♀️ Morning Yoga

We will allow ourselves to go deeper into our intentions and open portals directly to our ancestrial memories where we can find the sources of issues and blockages. Collectively, we will synchronize with the shift of frequency happening on the planet. We will do this with the consciousness and the willingness to leave behind everything that still restrains us from reaching a higher level of frequency.

During the ceremonies, highly sacred events might occur, visitations of High Spirits, Ancestors from all Nations and also Star Beings delivering sacred knowledge and deep healings.

As such, we ask everyone to enter the sacred place with trust, gratitude, and humility and to behave with great respect and alignment. You will be asked to leave your comfort zone, revise your beliefs and hopefully transcend some of them in order to meet your Inner Ttruth and learn how to align with the changes occurring on Earth. Lydia and Pancho provide treatments on everybody during the ceremonies. The treatments are deep and relieve many pains on the physical, emotional and psychological level. It is etherical surgery. Their Icaros (chants), music and the sacred language called Meïa allow us to journey with joy and security into the many realms of our inner temple. We receive many insights during the retreat as each understanding leads us to more healing.

It is important for everyone to come with precise intentions that will be shared before the rituals. And know that these intentions might evolve during the retreat impacted by what will be revealed, ceremony after ceremony.

Retreat Location

A private retreat place nestled in the heart of a jungle in Costa Rica, a serene and tranquil environment perfectly suited for healing and transformation.

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Travel and lodging guidelines will be sent upon application approval.

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Phase 3: Integration​

Online Weeks 9 to 12

Integrating and stabilizing our high-frequency experiences, insights, and lessons into our daily lives is one of the most important parts of the CO Journeys. After the participants return home from the immersive retreat, they will have 1 month follow-up online meetings with their crew and facilitators for a post-retreat integration.

Time Commitment:

  • 4 online meetings for 1 hour each

Week by Week Schedule

  • A week after: Online meeting with Lydia and Pancho to supporrt you with your integration
  • Two weeks after: Online meeting with all your crew and the facilitator to share experiences
  • Three weeks after: Online meeting with all your crew and the facilitator to share experiences
  • Four weeks after: Online meeting with all your crew and the facilitator to complete the journey.

Meet Your Facilitators

Our dedicated team of healers, shamans, and facilitators bring generations of wisdom and expertise to guide you on your journey of healing and transformation. Lydia and Pancho are etheric surgeons. Their practice with the Terma SIBA and the master plants offers clarity on your karmic and transgenerational path, soul retrieval, trauma and pain removal, and strong grounding.

The Terma SIBA Team

Lydia Turco, known as Thunder Buffalo Woman, is a French/Italian traditional practitioner and teacher with extensive experience in the Shipibo/Conibo tradition of sacred plants from the Peruvian Amazon. Trained since 2000 under maestros Don Benito Arevalo and Teobaldo Ochavano Lopez, she co-founded a retreat center in the Amazon Jungle. In 2008, Lydia retrieved the ancient crystal technology SIBA, integrating it into her healing work alongside traditional medicine. Recognized as a maestra in the Ayahuasca tradition since 2013, she maintains connections with medicine practitioners across Peru, Brazil, and Mexico. She leads internships, retreats, gives conferences and organizes initiation trips to Peru, Mexico and Egypt. Lydia is the author of the book Oracle of the Mother Goddess (“L’Oracle de la Déesse Mère”)

François Hascoet, known as Pancho Crazy Deer, is a French traditional practitioner deeply immersed in Shipibo teachings since 2010, alongside SIBA’s guidance from Lydia. His musical journey began early, mastering piano, harmonium, organ, and bassoon, eventually teaching and performing across orchestras in Normandy. Venturing into editorial work for the French-speaking world, Pancho embarked on extensive travels, teaching piano in Cambodia and Gabon, and immersing himself in Tibetan monastic life for three years. He founded the Upekkha association, establishing a school in India’s Spiti Valley. His return to France led to hosting guests at a Templar house in Haute Provence, sharing music, meditation, and vegan cuisine. Meeting Lydia in 2010, he delved into intensive shamanic training, blending his musical expertise to offer voice liberation and spontaneous singing workshops.

Your Investment

Investment Options

The journey has a set fee and the initial 30% is paid when enrolling to a journey (refundable). The remaining 70% is paid when the crew and the cohort dates are confirmed. The fee varies depending on the accommodation choice during the retreat week:

  • Single Occupancy: $4,000 for a private retreat experience.
  • Double Occupancy: $3,500 to share your journey with a fellow attendee.
  • Triple Occupancy: $2,500 for a communal living experience.

The fee includes all the required study materials, program activities, and meals during the retreat week. The fee does not include individual expenses, and travel costs to/from the retreat location. Payment plans are available to ensure access for all who are called to join.

Cancelation Policy

  • The initial 30% investment is fully refundable at any time after the enrollment if there is no confirmed crew and cohort date.
  • If there is a confirmed crew and cohort date, cancellation 1 month or more prior to the cohort start date: 70% refund.
  • If there is a confirmed crew and cohort date, cancellation less than 1 month prior to the cohort start date: No refund.

Enrollment Process

Pre-Enrollment Interview

Schedule a free pre-enrollment interview to start your application process. This free interview is part of the required application process for any of the CO Journeys. Limited spaces available, secure your spot by applying early.

If the times on the scheduler below don’t work for you, please contact and suggest some days and times that might work for you!

Use this scheduler, or click here to schedule! Please note that some VPNs prevent the viewing of the schedulers.

Current and prior participants, please book a general Q&A session rather than using the interview scheduler below.

Cohort Dates

The CO Journeys start in cohorts once each season, 4 times a year. You choose a cohort season that you wish to journey and then in that window you will need to align the exact starting dates with your crew, based on availability. The more flexible your dates are, the more chances you will have to match with a crew.

Spring Cohort

Start: Mar 1, 2024
Apr 31, 2024

Application deadline: Feb 10, 2024

Summer Cohort

Start: Jun 1, 2024
End: Aug 30, 2024

Application deadline: May 10, 2024

Autumn Cohort

Start: Sep 1, 2024
End: Nov 30, 2024

Application deadline: Aug 10, 2024

Winter Cohort

Start: Dec 1, 2024
End: Feb 28, 2025

Application deadline: Nov 10, 2024

Enrollment Application

Following up a successful pre-enrollment interview, you will be guided to complete your enrollment application. Due to the nature of the journeys, a thorough application process, including a medical form and waiver, will be required.

Payment of the initial 30% of the fee is required to complete the enrollment application. It is fully refundable at any time if there is no confirmed journey at the selected dates.

After completing your enrollment for a journey and selecting your cohort dates, you will be guided to start the crewing up process to assemble your crew. The process utilizes a special matchmaking game that involves creating a profile and making a series of choices. You can also choose to join with your existing crew.

Your journey is confirmed after the following conditions are met:

  • Completed pre-enrollment interview and enrollment application
  • Formed crew ready to embark on the agreed cohort dates
  •  Payment of the journey fee by you and all your crew members

Enrolled applicants for the upcoming cohorts:

About Terma SIBA

SIBA, an ancestral consciousness manifested within a Terma, embodies Tibetan Buddhist Tantrism’s tradition, devoted to planetary evolution. Lydia Thunder Buffalo Woman and her partner, Pancho Crazy Deer, serve as the Guardians of this Terma, employing crystal-based technology to decode and transmute archaic DNA programming.

This ever-evolving system vibrates at an extremely high frequency. The magic of SIBA is that it reads and decodes transpersonal memory through group or individually manifested stories on a trans-generational level.

The system is composed of a set of crystals encoded with programming retrieved by Lydia from sacred cradles of ancient traditions worldwide. This information, exclusively retrieved by her as the Tertön, is programmed into the SIBA system with 18 crystals.

On a planetary scale, SIBA’s transformative process parallels natural erosion, addressing secondary imprints of ancient limitative programmings. Those engaging with SIBA must approach with sincerity, humility, and a commitment to confronting inner discordance. SIBA guides individuals towards reclaiming personal power and medicine, facilitating changes across multiple dimensions. By dismantling illusions and enhancing discernment, SIBA empowers individuals to align with the universe’s flow and participate in Earth’s evolution. Through practices rooted in Méïa, SIBA’s sacred language, individuals enter into a profound journey of alchemy, transcending old patterns and embracing restoration. The recognition and release of limitative programmings are crucial for personal and planetary harmony, requiring constant vigilance and complementary practices to maintain transformative progress.

The Original Merkaba

What is the MerKaBa?
The MerKaBa is the Vehicle Of Light that contains all the information of our being since its creation. It is our personal “spaceship” multidimensional body.

In ancient Egyptian MER means pyramid, KA means the “double” or the part of ourself which is free from the influence of heredity and also the one who allows us to travel in other dimensions. BA is the soul, our stellar identity, and our connection to our soul family.

The MerKaBa is the pyramid (or temple) that unites the Ka and the Ba.

What is the Original MerKaBa of SIBA?
SIBA helps us to transmute the pain body, known also as the false matrix: a limitative system we got caught in as a consequence of unhealed past traumas (ours as well as our ancestors’). The more we transmute the different aspects of the false matrix within ourselves, the more we allow the MerKaBa to express itself.

SIBA teaches us that our Original MerKaBa, the one we possessed when we were created has been somehow slowed down due to the heaviness of the false matrix. It is why, SIBA not only extracts us out of the false matrix by deprogramming its limitative imprints, she also reactivates the different parts of the MerKaBa.

The original MerKaBa contains 18 bodies-portals to other dimensions within ourselves (as SIBA’s system contains 18 crystals) which leads us to more dimensions in an infinite way. These bodies are also related to universal archetypes, the foundation or our true self although we lack some of them and others are injured, etc.

Once we restore all these archetypes, our being can come to completion, connecting us to our own era or cosmogony, our highest guides, and our unlimited creative power.

The gifts of the Original MerKaBa activation are as follows:

  • More creative power.
  • Freedom from fears by regaining our self-esteem.
  • Connection to our Tribe by meeting the members of our soul family and moving forward with them to co-create new paradigms.
  • Connection to our highest guides and our personal medicines.
  • Opening new opportunities in our lives by making things go easily and fluidly.
  • Healing of all the injured parts of ourselves and freeing our ancestors from their pain.
  • Access to our multidimensional skills (intuition, capacity to see things before they happen by mastering the Ka), and more spiritual strength.
  • More presence and awareness in our daily lives.
  • Becoming ourselves at last.

Who is this for?
It is meant for people who have been walking a healing and spiritual path for a while. It is not recommended to beginners, as they need to possess a few keys to accompany the process in their daily lives.

As we experience a quantum jump to a much higher frequency, resistances will show up and fight the process. My experience has shown me that it is dangerous to activate the Vehicle Of Light, and restore its sacred geometry if we don’t transmute the false matrix and if we have no knowledge of it.

Participants have to be vigilant, willing to improve and get rid of old patterns, and of course humble and trustful. Denial and passive behavior will lower the frequency very quickly and might take us into a depression state. We cannot ask for the light then resist it without consequences on our inner balance.

The Original MerKaBa activation is a very sacred process, a key aspect of the Terma SIBA. If we participate in the process in full consciousness, we experience huge transformations in our lives.

Website: sibaterma.com