Breathwork & Sound Journey

Breathwork & Sound Journey in Armenia

✨ Transforming through Breath, Sound, and Movement ✨

Welcome to the CO Breathwork Journey, a transformative experience where breath becomes the bridge to deeper self-awareness, healing, and connection.

Crystal Breathwork, guided by experienced facilitators Narek and Anahit, is a gentle yet powerful energetic process using breath, movement, and sound to release physical and emotional blockages, induce deep meditative states, and open oneself to receive spiritual insights.

The program unfolds with daily online gatherings, one-on-one meetings, and meditations that set the stage for an immersive weekend retreat, promising a deep dive into self-discovery, connection, and celebration.

The Three Phases of the Journey


Engage in 7 days of online preparatory work, including one-on-one meetings and group meditations, to get to know your crew and set clear intentions with guided thematic practices.


Embark on a weekend retreat in a private resort in Dilijan, Armenia. Experience Crystal Breathwork sessions, sound healing, dance, yoga, and more with a stellar crew.


Gather for a post-retreat online integration meeting to share your experiences and support each other to gradually weave your high-frequency experiences into your daily life.

Phase 1: Preparation

Online Days 1 to 7

During the initial seven weeks, you will be meeting with your crew online, getting to know each other, and working on your intentions. There will be guidance on how to prepare yourself physically, mentally, and emotionally for the upcoming immersive retreat of week 8.

Time Commitment:

  • Day 1: 1 hour introduction meeting with the Crystal Breathwork facilitators.
  • Day 1 to 7: 30 min online meetings individually with each member of your crew (in total 6 meetings).

Self-study materials:

  • Thematic materials with relevant topics for individual self-study available during and after the journey.

Phase 2: Experience

Retreat Weekend

The next phase is an immersive weekend retreat. All the participants physically gather together at a retreat center in a forest in Dilidjan, Armenia. Guided by Narek and Anahit, you will be working with breathwork techniques, meditations, and sound healing. By the time you arrive to this retreat, you will have been well-prepared for this immersive experience.

A day-to-day program will be designed according to the needs of the crew and it will include:

⭐ Accommodation for 3 nights
🍑 All meals vegetarian food
🐚 Breathwork Sessions
🪘 Sound Healing
🤸🏼‍♀️ Yoga and Movement
🧘‍♀️ Silent Meditations
⛰️ Hiking in the forest

Phase 3: Integration​

Post-retreat Online Meeting

One week after the retreat, when the participants are back home, they will meet online to share their experiences and conclude the journey. 

The Crystal Breathwork team will guide the crew to integrate their experiences into their daily lives which is one of the most important element of all CO Journeys.

Retreat Location

Nestled in a forest in Dilidjan, Armenia, the retreat space offers a serene and tranquil environment perfectly suited for the planned activites. It is a dedicated space for healing retreats with yoga rooms, comfortable sleeping arrangments, and a beautiful garden area.

You will arrive Saturday morning and depart Sunday evening. Travel and lodging guidelines will be sent upon application approval.

Meet Your Hosts and Facilitators

Crystal Breathwork Facilitators

Narek: An entrepreneur, communitarian technologist, and avid traveler, brings over 15 years of dedication to the realms of spiritual realization, meditation, and group facilitation. Through his transformational workshops and retreats, Narek offers a unique and powerful path for everyone to unlock their potential for profound inner change and to navigate life with a clearer, more inspired vision.

He is passionate and committed to co-creating foundations that facilitate the inner and outer work of collective transformation.

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Your Investment

Investment Options

The journey has a set fee and the initial 30% is paid when enrolling to a journey (refundable). The remaining 70% is paid when the crew and the cohort dates are confirmed. The fee varies depending on the accommodation choice during the retreat week:

  • Single Occupancy: 144,000 AMD for a private retreat experience.
  • Double Occupancy: 135,000 AMD to share your journey with a fellow attendee.
  • Triple Occupancy: 80,000 AMD for a communal living experience.

The fee includes all the required study materials, program activities, and meals during the retreat week. The fee does not include individual expenses, and travel costs to/from the retreat location. Payment plans are available to ensure access for all who are called to join.

Cancelation Policy

  • The initial 30% investment is fully refundable at any time after the enrollment if there is no confirmed crew and cohort date.
  • If there is a confirmed crew and cohort date, cancellation 1 month or more prior to the cohort start date: 70% refund.
  • If there is a confirmed crew and cohort date, cancellation less than 1 month prior to the cohort start date: No refund.

Enrollment Process

Pre-Enrollment Interview

Schedule a free pre-enrollment interview to start your enrollment application process. This free interview is part of the required application process for any of the CO Journeys. Limited spaces available, secure your spot by applying early.

If the times on the scheduler below don’t work for you, please contact and suggest some days and times that might work for you!

Use this scheduler, or click here to schedule! Please note that some VPNs prevent the viewing of the schedulers.

Current and prior participants, please book a general Q&A session rather than using the interview scheduler below.

Cohort Dates

The CO Journeys start in cohorts once each season, 4 times a year. You choose a cohort season that you wish to journey and then in that window you will need to align the exact starting dates with your crew, based on availability. The more flexible your dates are, the more chances you will have to match with a crew.

Spring Cohort

Start: Mar 1, 2024
Apr 31, 2024

Application deadline: Feb 10, 2024

Summer Cohort

Start: Jun 1, 2024
End: Aug 30, 2024

Application deadline: May 10, 2024

Autumn Cohort

Start: Sep 1, 2024
End: Nov 30, 2024

Application deadline: Aug 10, 2024

Winter Cohort

Start: Dec 1, 2024
End: Feb 28, 2025

Application deadline: Nov 10, 2024

Facilitators have proposed the following dates for the 2024 summer cohort:

  • June 29 to July 7 (first 7 days online, then weekend at the retreat place with overnight stay)
  • July 6 to July 14 (first 7 days online, then weekend at the retreat place with overnight stay)

Enrollment Application

Following up a successful pre-enrollment interview, you will be guided to complete your enrollment application. Due to the nature of the journeys, a thorough application process, including a medical form and waiver, will be required.

Payment of the initial 30% of the fee is required to complete the enrollment application. It is fully refundable at any time if there is no confirmed journey at the selected dates.

After completing your enrollment for a journey and selecting your cohort dates, you will be guided to start the crewing up process to assemble your crew. The process utilizes a special matchmaking game that involves creating a profile and making a series of choices. You can also choose to join with your existing crew.

Your journey is confirmed after the following conditions are met:

  • Completed pre-enrollment interview and enrollment application
  • Formed crew ready to embark on the agreed cohort dates
  •  Payment of the journey fee by you and all your crew members

Enrolled applicants for the upcoming cohorts:

About Crystal Breathwork

💎 Breath is the great connector. It is moving things in your energetic field as well as in your physical body. 💎

There are many different ways of breathing to achieve different results. Narek’s journey has taken him across 40 countries, immersing himself in intentional communities and mystery schools, gathering wisdom and experience to integrate into his practices. Narek developed his own integrated breathwork method called Crystal Breathwork, a gentle yet powerful energetic process blending elements of circular holotropic breathing, inspiratonal music to navigate emotional states, and light portal activation for energetic support to do transformational inner work. Crystal Breathwork weaves these elements into a cohesive practice that can heal, energize, and inspire.

Crystal Breathwork is acting as a catalyst to:
🔹 release physical and emotional energy blocks,
🔹 recharge and rejuvenate your energetic body,
🔹 reach profound levels of mental clarity,
🔹 work with your subconscious and integrate your shadows,
🔹 open a door to your Higher Self to receive spiritual insights.

Whos is this for? Anyone seeking to heal emotional or psychosomatic blockages can benefit from this journey, as well as those aspiring to explore deep meditative states and spiritual inner realms.

Website: Crystal Breathwork